Re: Masson Trichrome stain

From:Geoff McAuliffe

    I am not familial with the commercial kits but going on the assumption that they are similar to the 'homemade' stain, two possibilities come to mind.
1. Inadequate fixation resulting in poor nuclear staining by hematoxylin.
2. Nuclear staining by Harris heamtoxylin is being 'bleached' by subsequent (acidic) steps. To remedy this treat sections with a 1:1 mixture of 2.5% phosphomolybdic acid : 2.5% phosophotungstic acid for 30-60 seconds. This treatment is applied after hematoxylin staining is finished (and differentiated) but before subsequent proceedures. Then wash and proceed to remaining steps. See Katline, VC. Stain Technology 37:193-195, 1962.


"Demarinis,Carolyn" wrote:

Each time we perform a Masson Trichrome stain, the nuclei are bright red.  I
have used Polyscientific and Sigma kits, with both Weigerts and Harris
Hematoxylin.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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