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        The Masson I use comes from a student handbook, An Introduction to Modern Histological Technique by Gairns, Garven, Hale & Morrison (December 1954). This superb handbook was used by staff and students in the Institute of Physiology, Glasgow University.  The original source of the Masson is not given, in fact looking at the book no references have been cited. An oversight, but I'm sure at the time the authors would have known these. Plus, they probably didn't realise the book would still be in use almost 50 years later. The authors add that a routine haemalum can be used in place of the Weigert but having used it, it's not so good. Like Andy Shand I've also got the celestine blue/haematoxylin from Carleton and by word of mouth. The Masson technique is basically the same as you'll find in any histological text.

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Hi Ian,

I am interested in your technique, is it a published one?  Will you share it
with us?


>===== Original Message From Ian Montgomery <ian.montgomery@bio.gla.ac.uk>
>         Although a well executed Weigert is superb for a Masson I still
>stand by my Celestine blue/Haematoxylin sequence. Over the years I've used
>it repeatedly and always get beautiful staining. If like me your in the
>process of staining ~500 slides with a Masson then the ease and
>reproducibility of the Celestine blue/Haematoxylin sequence has a lot to
>commend it.
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