From:Gayle Callis

At home, we have a Hewlett Packard 6300 and have used it for scanning 35
mm, bone radiographs (directly from xray film), photographs, journal
publications with photos, but not tried it with EM film for use with
Powerpoing.  It gives very high resolution, but the joy is the Photoshop
that comes with it.  I tend to scan in higher resolution, TIF or Bitmap,
then go back and save into JPEG.  This reduces file size but gets rid of
the ugly pixel problems encounted when scanning and saving as JPEG first
time around.  The Photoshop option is fantastic, allowing one to do some
great things with the scanned product. It is not a Photoscanner, but could
send the file to Kodak, OTOFO for permanent prints which cost approx 49
cents US for a 4 X 5 photo.  This is certainly the way to go for digital
photo work - as printing paper can be very expensive. OTOFOTO service was
fast and prints were superb!   

HP 6300B(?)scanner was $400 with the 35 mm option.  It probably has been
improved since we bought it. 

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