Mast cells fibroblasts, macrophages

From:Jeff Silverman

Hi Ian. Just putting the finishing touches on a paper studying just that
combination of three cells- a triumverate that cooperate and interdigitate
to make fibrovascular mesenchyme as part of the microvascular unit.
fibroblasts, undifferentiated dendritic interstitial type in dermis and most
collagenous mesenchyme use  CD34.  Fibroblasts- functional collagenous type,
use:  collagen type 1 aminopropeptide from U Nebraska Hybridoma bank or
prolyl-1-hydroxylase from a number of vendors. Myofibroblasts- alpha smooth
muscle actin. The first type gives rise to the latter two and sometimes CD34
is retained along with the functional epitope, especially in myofibroblastic
neoplasms. Usually once a fibroblast differentiates, CD34 disappears.

Macrophages or as I prefer to call them stromal assembly histiocytes-use
Factor XIIIa.  For phagocytic macrophages I use CD68 KP1 clone. The FXIIIa+
dednritic cells are histiocytes I believe and are precursors to more
functional phagocytic macrophages which are rich in lysosomes and hence
CD68+. Mast cell granules must also incorporate the CD68 epitope in their
matrix because Mast cells- also express CD68 but mast cell tryptase or
c-kit/CD117 are more in vogue now and tryptase is most specific.

Hope this helps. I have many references if you need.

Jeff Silverman HT HTL QIHC (ASCP)
Pathologists' Assistant
Southside Hospital
Bay Shore NY USA

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