Re: LN fixative

From:Aziz Ahmed Jafri

B-5 has better results than 10% NBF on LNDs, however idea of bisecting and
fixing in two fixatives is good if you are comparing. We had good results with

Carlos Defeo wrote:

>  Dear Naaveda:
> I think you can try with Bouin#180#s fixative, -remeber to do two or three
> changes in ethanol 70#186# after fixation- but a well fixation including
> preservation of antigenicity is achieved with neutral formalin 10%. In most
> cases you can section the limph node in two hemisections,so you can try to
> fix one in Bouin and the other in neutral formalin. Bouin#180#s gives  better
> global preservation for a routine panel of techniques (HE,Giemsa,etc)
> formalin fixation,instead, gives you better preservation of tissue antigens
> for IHC studies.
> Carlos,Montevideo,Uruguay

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