RE: Potential HT/HTL seeks advice


Thanks to all who e-mailed and responded to my questions.  You all were a 
big help and opened my eyes to many different things.  I have still decided 
to pursue a BS, but just not sure how to go about doing it.  I can get the 
histo AS first, get certified as HT and work while going back to 
school.  However, I am a little weary of trying to get a BS and working 
full time to support myself.  I live with my sister now who lives a short 
distance from Mt Sac which offers the AS, but I can only stay here for a 
couple more years.  I have found a school near my parents' home that has a 
Biology major w/ a Physiology/Anatomy option. The major has electives/reg. 
classes that have a really good balance of immunology, molecular and 
cellular biology, genetics, 1 histo class, ect.  The chair said he would be 
willing to work with me on mapping out a course, but did warn I would get 
only a little direct histo training and that I should not try and work 
full-time or even part-time while going through the program.  Living with 
my parents, I would have to work at least part-time.  My other option is to 
skip the AS altogether and get the BS.  After graduation, I would hope to 
find a vet clinic or private lab that could train me in specific histo 
techniques.  If I cant get training, I could always go back and get the 
histo AS.  The last option I am weary of as well, I feel I am going out on 
a limb by trying to find someone that will train me in histo techniques.

Well anyways, thank you all for the advice!


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