Re: Seeking H&E stains procedure for Ground Plastic section

From:"Driessen, L."

Hello Bernard, 

I'm working on a simular problem with my methyl methacrylate saw-sections. 
Normally I remove the methyl methacrylate out of cutting-sections (7 micron thick) with 3 steps of chloroform/xyleen 1:1 (15 minutes each), 15 minutes xyleen and then bring my slices through alcohol to water. After that I can perform a normal H&E-stain. 
I've also tried to use this method on my saw-sections (20-40 micro thick), but then my slices come loose from the glass-carrier when I leave them to long in the chloroform/xyleen mixture (before sawing I fix the block to a glass-carrier with UV-curing glue).
In my case it only works with a short deplastication-time of about 5 minutes. Maybe this is fine to you.
But now I also have a question for you. Are you familiar with my problem of slices coming loose, and if so, how do you pervent this (I expect you attach your slices to a glasscarrier)? 

Greetings Leon Driessen

P.S. I would like to ask the same question to Bryan Llewellyn.

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