Ehrlichs hematoxylin vs Gill

From:Gayle Callis

Interesting comment and there are some interesting differences

Ehrlichs, (although I would rather make up my own solution) when used to
stain acid decalcified bone gives a slightly different, deeper color for
excellent staining of articular and/or growth plate cartilage compared to
Gill or Harris hematoxylin.  Ehrlichs nuclear staining remains pretty much
the same as Gill II or Gill III.   Both hematoxylins are good for
decalcified bone IF one controls acid decalcification using endpoint
determinations.  If the latter is not used, nuclear staining for any of
hematoxylin is seriously impaired. 

Not sure if the person wants to see these subtle differences in cartilage
or just nuclear staining, but we opt for Gill formulations or some other
progressive hematoxylin for decalcified bone or soft tissue routinely.
However, a choice for deeper cartilage staining is there with Ehrlichs and
fun to play with! 


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