Re: Immunos on Mouse tissue

From:Barbara Wright


If you are using the DAKO CD31 antibody - it will not react with mouse
endothelium.  Pharmigen CD31 (MEC13.3) works well on FFPE with Vectastain Elite-
ABC followed by NEN TSA-kit.  And our Collagen IV is from a polyclonal from
Chemicon.  Both work well on FFPE mouse tissues.
Barb Wright wrote:

> I am in need of some help? I am trying to do immunos on mouse tissue. I
> currently use the Dako LSAB+ kit and I know that some of my antibodies are
> monoclonal. I have tried the Dako ARK kit and have not had any luck. I don't
> know what I may have done wrong. I also have tried the Dako Envision
> polyclonal kit. I have changed my antibodies from mono to poly or goat. I
> have tried different retrieval methods. What can I do now? Any help would be
> appreciated. The two antibodies I am working with mostly is the Cd31 (goat
> polyclonal and Rat anti mouse) and Collagen 4 (monoclonal and polyclonal).
> Thanks
> Donella Stillings
> University of Colorado HSC
> 303-315-5310

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