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From:Vinnie Della Speranza

I don't off hand know what lithium carbonate's solubility in alcohol is
but I have always used it as an aqueous solution and it has worked fine.
I recommend this approach because you need to wash it out in tap water
to prevent any carry over before going into eosin. If you have not
completely removed the lithium carbonate your eosin staining will be
unsatisfactory. Since you will have to wash anyone, there doesn't seem
to be a good reason to make up the lithium in alcohol.

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>>> "Cohen, Mary Ann"  01/31/02 08:45AM >>>

 Hi all,

My question is, for an H&E stain when making up your lithium carbonate
solution after your Hematox dip, I am using a saturated aqueous
carbonate solution with 1 gram of lithium into 100 ml of ( this is the
question ) do I use distilled H2O, or 100 % EtOH? If my memory serves
after many years of working in the lab and smelling all of the
chemicals, I
would use EtOH, is this correct.

I would appreciate your comments.

Food for thought, I do not want to use pre-made clarifier.


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