non formalin fixation

From:Mary Latino <>

We send our breast receptors/her2/neu to Impath.  For
years we were fixing the specimens in Dissectaid.  We
clearly put this on the request form.  For at least a
year and a half after the FDA approval of Herceptest
we were still fixing it in Dissectaid because we did
not know about the FDA regs and Impath did not let us
know.  Impath admitted to us that no one had looked at
the fact that we were fixing in a fixative other than
formalin. In fact, only after reading the Histonet was
I aware of the mandatory fixation in NBF. We retested
Her2/neu patients that were 1-2+ by FISH.  I really
don't think that they would notice that you use
Histochoice, although they claim that they are now
reading the request forms.  Your best bet is to fix in
NBF at least one section of tumor.

Mary Latino, PA
Nyack Hospital
Nyack, NY

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