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Denise Wilson asked:
>I hope someone out there can help me. My microwave oven has given out its
>last wave, and I am in dire need of another one. I was told that there was
>an oven that accepts metal in addition to plastic, but they didn't know the
>name.  And if not, any suggestions of a decent oven and where to purchase

There are several companies which sell laboratory microwaves.  I represent
Hacker Industries and Instruments, which sells the Milestone range of
microwaves for histopathology labs.

Microwaves can react with materials in one of three ways.  Most materials
absorb microwaves (and get hot).  Some materials (like paraffin and some
plastics) are transparent to microwaves-  you can visualize the microwaves
passing through these materials without affecting them (or heating them).
Other materials, including metals, reflect microwaves, like mirrors.  The
cavities of microwave ovens are made of metal to keep the microwaves

I'm not sure why Brenda asked about introducing additional metal objects
into a microwave.  Some laboratory microwaves utilize metal thermocouple
probes for temperature control.  Milestone microwaves have either external
non-contact infra-red temperature sensors or fiberoptic temperature probes.
There is a risk of "arcing" from any metal surface to another within a
microwave (which is why you can't put a coffee cup with a metallic rim in a
microwave).	I would certainly check with the manufacturer of any
microwave device before putting any metal objects into the cavity.

Best regards,
Steven Slap

Steven E. Slap
Marketing Manager & Microwave Product Specialist
Hacker Industries & Instruments

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