Re: Negative Controls Immunos

Hi, Donna,  we do not run a negative with each antibody.  It would  run the 
cost of reagents and tech time up too high.  We do run a positive with each 
antibody (our control is on the same slide as the unknown) .  For a negative, 
I like to use a sausage various types of tissue... prostate, small intes, 
appendix, tonsil, placenta,  etc.    and we use a Rabbit normal serum or a 
Mouse normal serum depending on what antibodies are run.  And we only run one 
negative.  Or if the antibodies for that case involve rabbit and mouse, we 
run one mouse normal serum and one rabbit normal serum.     We just had a CAP 
inspection and our inspectors had no problems with the way we did it.    
Pearl Gervais

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