Re: Excell Fixative (What is it?)

From:"J. A. Kiernan" <>

On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, JOSEPH FRAZEE wrote:

> Has anyone had problems pre-fixed specimens (derms)in the Excell, before 
> being processed in 10% buffered formalin ...
> A pathologist says my hematoxylin is too light ...

What is this Excell stuff? 10% formalin is a fixative, so why are
the bits of skin put in something else beforehand? How long do the
specimens stay in Excell before being fixed in formaldehyde, and
how long is the formaldehyde given to fix the tissue?

A small piece of skin put immediately into any neutral formaldehyde
solution, left there overnight and then dehydrated, cleared and
embedded in wax, will be in pretty good condition for all ordinary
staining methods. Why soak it in some other liquid  (of possibly
undisclosed composition) before fixing it in good old formaldehyde?

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