Competenc Testing

From:John Spair <>

Someone asked about how some of us were handling competency testing in
histology.  I recently spent the time writing up a yearly competency testing
procedure, which will consist of a written exam, visual observation, and
analsis of quality and quanity of work produced by each tech.  This way I
can set a standard for quantity anyhow that may be more tailored to each
tech than become a norm for the whole laboratory.  Much like it is done with
the cytotechs and the amount of slides they read.

I do understand however, not sure where I read it, that NSH is coming out
with a competency program that you buy yearly and pay so much for each tech
and their competency is then measured by this standard and it takes the
chore away from the laboratory to do this.  My only concern is that the only
benefit of doing competency in the first place is to make sure that your
staff is compentent to do YOUR work and perhaps it is better to design
something to YOUR laboratory.  Thanks.

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