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Just a clarification....

Ames Company was a division of Miles Laboratories, Inc. (the "Alka Seltzer"
people).  Over the years, Miles Laboratories became Miles Diagnostics but
retained it's "Ames Company" logo and urinalysis product line.  In the late
Bayer, AG (Germany) bought out Miles, Inc. but retained the Miles name and
product logos until the early 90's. In the spring of 1995 (maybe '94?), Bayer
dropped the Miles/Ames name & logos, and the company is now called Bayer
Diagnostics.  The Bayer logo is now on all of their urinalysis products (as
as ALL products).

CliniTek(R) is a registered trademark of the instruments that Bayer sells for
reading their urinalysis reagent test strips.

More familiar to Histonetters - The original TissueTek(R) and LabTek(R) product
lines were manufactured under the "Ames Company" umbrella, and then split out
into a new division called "Miles Scientific".  In the late 80's "Miles
Scientific Division" was dissolved and the TissueTek(R) product line was
back under the "Miles Diagnostic" umbrella.  In, or about, 1995-96, Bayer
Diagnostics divested itself of the TissueTek(R) histology product line and sold
it to Sakura Finetek USA.  TissueTek(R) is now a registered trademark of
Another interesting tidbit - Sakura Finetek became the manufacturer (OEM)
of most
of the TissueTek(R) instruments in the early 80's and private labeled them for
Miles, Inc.

Sorry that you had to read all of this, but I thought it might be
interesting to
someone.  Also, I make no claims to the accuracy of the dates mentioned.
from memory becomes more difficult as one ages.  ;-)

~ Ford "worked for Miles for 17 years" Royer
Analytical Instruments
Minneapolis, MN 55441 wrote:

> Ames has urine sticks and equipment , that will analzye the constiuents you
> are looking for, they are also a wonderful resource for all kinds of info
> since they have been in the urinalysis business for years. If you have a
> clinical lab associated with you or one close by call them and they will give
> you a phone number to call.
> The company was also called clinitek.Good Luck.
>                                           Dana

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