Frozen tissue efficacy

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From:Susan Q Wells <> (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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        I have frozen panels of tissue from
dogs,mice,rats,rabbits,cyno's,and humans . I have been asked to
do an immunologic stain to test the efficacy of these stored
tissues. They are from 5 years old to present. I don't
necessarily have to do the same stain on all the species but I
don't want this to get too crazy. My first thought was vimentin
but I can't find one that cross reacts.
I have some experience with B cell staining so am considering
pulling the lymphoid tissue and staining for them I can't seem to
find an anti -rabbit reagent or an anti -mouse reagent thats been
tested on cryostat sections. Cyno's are no problem,I can use anti
humans reagents there. I found canine and rat reagenta at
Serotec.  I use a Ventana ES and have the capability of using it
fairly openly. I prefer purified reagents but biotinylated would
be OK too. Anyone out there have any suggestions on
reagents/vendors or a way to keep this simple and answer all my
questions. Of course I'll do an H&E to check morphology first.
Thanks in advance,and I'll be happy to share any info I get out
of this project.

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