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Well! I had no idea you were so precocious! Or things are very different on
your side of the puddle. No more rights now than then when I had to pipette
Clostridium cultures by mouth. The lab I work in does platelets, and I have
to keep telling them I don't have any -- not that show up in blood smears
anyway. Not for 20 years now. (Ha! When *I* was a boy I had to get up an
hour before I went to bed, walk a hundred through deep snow in the freezing

But I prefer eyebrow hairs for section manipulators over nose hairs. No
strange lumps, and you get the occassional fun Demodex mite.


>        Medical students, they had it easy. What about the poor technician.
>Haematology. - 'Montgomery, role up your sleeve'.
>Reproduction. - 'Montgomery, take this test-tube and don't come back until
>it's full.'
>Subject for demonstration during lectures. - 'Montgomery, no tight
>clothing, good, come with me.'
>E.M. - 'Montgomery, we need section manipulators, start plucking the hairs
>from your nose.'
>        I could go on and on and on. Human rights, let me tell you, when I
>was a
>boy the technician had no rights, we knew our place.

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