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From:Valleygal@aol.com (by way of Marvin Hanna)
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OK, so I asked a dumb question - who makes Polyfreeze?
All I have had is smart ass answers and I have a serious problem here with
one of the researchers who submits samples to my lab for frozen section.
Somebody told him to use polyfreeze when snap freezing liver tissue - he
didn't think to ask where they could get the stuff...so I put the question to
you guys.
Maybe I should have phrased it differently:
Does anybody out there in histo land know of a COMPANY that makes a PRODUCT
similar to OCT that is called POLYFREEZE?
I don't care to know that Poly's husband hogs the blankets on a cold
Minnesota nite...making her freeze!!!!!
Please, a serious answer if any of you know it.

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