Re: Retic stain

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One thing to check, is the ammonium hydroxide a fresh solution, old reagent
can present problems.  Silver nitrate should not be too old either, but
sound like this was made up fresh.  

At 02:24 PM 1/16/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Help!!!  We cannot get our retic stain (Gomori's) to work.  We are
>getting inconsistent results - sometimes the fibers are very, very light
>and sometimes they are not there at all.  We notice a problem when we go
>into the formalin after the silver.  Usually the tissue will change to
>the dark gray color immediately when it hits the formalin, but it either
>turns a brownish color or it doesn't change at all.  We have changed
>everything in our staining set up.  Any ideas???
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