Biohazard Chemicals regulations

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Hello, me again. To those of you that suggested I turn to the State Agency,
I AM the State Agency, I am asking if these regulations or policies are
specific to a certain regulation and What that regulation is. Yes I have the
OSHA regulations (Standards-29 CFR) .  
Every hospital has it's own policy regarding chemical waste DISPOSAL and I
was wondering if that is because they use different chemicals?  I know that
Silver Nitrate "sticks" to the drain pipes, why?  Does everybody use  "Red
Waste Disposal  Cans"  to "dispose" of this waste and have it carried out?
What is "Waste Disposal?" Or do you put it down the drain because the amount
is so small it is insignificant? I also know that there are certain stains
that contain carcinogens, what are those stains? I know that most histology
labs wash the glassware with Bleach, what precautions do you use when you
have ammonia in the glassware? Dump the solution? Where? If your institution
allows you to dump down the drain, does the institution have a "holding
What about tissue that falls in the sink? Do you have a "Garbage Disposal"
and does that ( the tissue) then go into the community sewer system. What
about left over Cytology specimens , are they tossed in the sink? Do you
decontaminate them first, if so with what? Bleach?
Although I have the "rules" I want to know how they are "applied" and which
"rule do you use for this application.

One more thing, if you "chunk" out a "frozen" do you fish it out and put it
back on the chuck? How do you know it is the same piece? What if another
tech is assigned to "fish it out" and replace it, how would that tech "know"
where that tissue came from and is the Pathologist informed?  What are those
regulations or policies? Who make those rules?

Have many more questions. HELP.

I need  HELP  with  a "whodunit" and WHY.

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