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We start one person blocking at 07:30, everybody else starts at 08:30. We are
a District General Hospital with a teaching/training committment. 13,000
specimens per year, 2 Senior technicians (one of whom supervises immuno),
4.22 technicians, 2 lab aides (for trimming room only) and an "off bench" lab
We perform same day immunos on any any request received up to 09:30, after
this time they are left until the next day. Most of our incubations are 30
mins to 1 hour duration with the occasional overnight incubation at 4oC.
Specials are performed same day if received before 15:00. Biopsy H&Es should
be out to pathologists by 11:30 and all cases should be out to pathologists
by 14:00

Glyn Woodward

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