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On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Jaci Lett wrote:

> Does anyone have a solution for this problem?  I managed to get a spot (<3mm
> around) of Toluidine Blue on the cuff of my new shirt (the only part
> extending beyond my lab coat).  Is there any way to get rid of all (or most)
> of the stain without it spreading?  The shirt is 100% cotton.  (I don't care
> if it gets on my lab coat, but this is the first time in over fourteen years
> that I've gotten it on my clothes.)

   14 years without a splash! You must be a very careful
   worker! You have two choices:
   something mildly acidic (e.g. 5% acetic acid) or, if it's
   on white fabric, bleach. Toluidine blue has little affinity
   for cotton, and would probably come out with a few washes
   anyway. You're lucky it's not alcian blue, which is very

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