Re: Primary and Secondary Amyloid

From:John Kiernan <>

>I have a technique for differentiating between primary and secondary
>amyloid by treating with a potassium permanganate/sulphuric acid mixture 
>and staining with Sirius Red.
>... if they use this particular technique and let me have any >references 
>towho did the modification and where it was published.
I haven't done the method or read the publications, but it is
discussed in Pearse's Histochemistry 4th ed Vol 2 Chap 13 (1985).
The references are to Wright JT et 2 al (1977) Lab. Invest. 36: 274
and Van Rijswijk MH & van Heusden CWG (1979) Amer. J. Path.
97: 43.

Pearse discusses amyloid staining in some detail. The permanganate
oxidation is said to prevent the congophilia of fibrils composed
of protein AA but not of fibrils made of protein AL.

John Kiernan
Anatomy Dept, Univ. of W. Ont.,
London, Canada.

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