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From:Geoff McAuliffe <mcauliff@UMDNJ.EDU>

Andrea Grantham wrote:

> Histonetters -
> I was wondering if there was another stain (other than Nuclear Fast Red)
> that could be used as a counterstain for the iron stains?

    I like "Scarba Red", an acidified neutral red stain. It is a bit of a pain
to make and does require some differentiation to get a pure nuclear stain, but
it is a nice, bright red (with a bit of orange). I will send the recipe if you
like. You will need analine and phenol to make it, as well as the neutral red.

> My next question is - what can be done to prevent the white precipitate
> from adhering to the slides that have been in Nuclear Fast Red
> (Kernechtrot)Solution? I have had this problem with several batches of the
> stain - not just in this lab with these chemicals. I am sure that I am
> making up the solution correctly and just to be certain I had another tech
> make it up using the "recipe" from the green AFIP book (page 179). Still
> the same problem.

I have never had this problem.

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