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From:"Weems, Joyce" <> (by way of histonet)
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We do too - without the hyphen.  We have, among others, the following
prefixes - MOO, BOO, POO,  GOO, SOO, & COO. We are having a few good laughs!

Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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	Subject:	RE: specimen numbering

	can you start with a prefix letter perhaps. I have the Cerner
	system and our accession number begin with S-00-  Look kinda weird

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	> Subject:	specimen numbering
	> The lab here has created what I consider a serious problem and I
	> like
	> to know if others out there confronted and solved it.
	> Our numbering system is the last two digits of the year and a 5
	> number.  The computer will not accept a number starting with 00,
so our
	> computer committee in their wisdom decided to us the first and
last digit
	> for the beginning of the accession number i.e. 20.  The problem
comes in
	> twenty years when we will again be using 20 as the first digits.
No one
	> else seems to care that in twenty years I am going to have two
sets of
	> blocks and slides with the same number hence the problem I no
longer have
	> unique numbers.
	> Does any one else's lab have this problem and what are you doing
about it?
	> Any and all suggestions are welcome.  I may or may not be here at
	> time
	> but I really don't want to leave problems for someone else.
	> Thanks very much
	> Roberta Horner HT
	> Animal Diagnostic Lab
	> Penn State University

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