Flotation bath repair in S Mississippi


Dear Kim,
Mike Cushing of  Cushing's Instruments Service in Fairhope, Alabama  roams 
this part of the Gulf Coast (Gulf of Mexico that is) fixing laboratory 
equipment. I am sure he could fix your flotation baths. He charges travel and 
all that so the cheapest thing for you to do is ask him to swing by next time 
he is around your area, which I am sure is pretty frequently. He also fixes 
tissue processors, microtomes and all those wierd instruments they use in 
other parts of the lab

His Address:  Cushing's Instrument Service
                     15 Rolling Oaks Drive
                     Fairhope, AL 36532
                      (334) 928 2879

Mike Titford
University of South Alabama
Mobile AL 36617   

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