Storage of control blocks and slides

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From:Sharyn S Caplan <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Fellow Histonetters

I am presently preparing for a CAP inspection,  and need some input.
At my last position I stored some of my
immuno control slides in the refrigerator and/or freezer to help with
viability.    I had been given this advise from several techs that had
been doing immunos even longer than myself.    Examples of these were ER,
PR, Her 2, Hepatitis,p53.
When I suggested this practice to be included in our protocols,  my new
pathologist said he never heard of this practice, thought it was not
necessary and asked me for data supporting it.    Since I am in Florida
now,  where heat and humidity can be a problem,  I am concerned.      If
anybody knows of any articles that either support or negate this idea,
please give me a heads-up.    I would be ever so greatful.

Sharyn Caplan
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