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  from  Greg Dobbin <dobbin@Upei.CA> contains these words:

> Our main tissue processor just signed off this week, for good!
> Obviously we need to scramble fast to replace it. We have narrowed
> the search to 3 instruments:
>                                      1)   Leica- TP 1050
>                                      2)   Shandon Hypercenter XP
>                                      3)   Tissue-Tek VIP E300

Hi Greg,

We have a TP1050, and it is excellent. However, it is our third one,
first two were replaced under warranty, because of problems with
reagent carry over. Reasons for this were never satisfactorily
explained, ? operator error. The Leica has a reagent management
system, which, once understood, works well. Reagents are pumped out
into waste containers, fresh reagents pumped in, on board software
notes number of cycles and shuffles order in schedule accordingly.
(My) Users complain that pumping in and out is too slow, quicker to
yank containers out as on VIP, manually empty and fill.

Prior to this, we had (still have and still use, 13 years + ) a VIP.
It had its fair share of breakdowns over the years, but these were
always speedily resolved, largely because of extensive service
engineer network. Something worth asking other vendors about.

We once trialled the original Hypercentre, and it broke down several
times in a week. Perhaps later ones are better.

Bottom line. If I had my time over again, I would buy the latest VIP.
Not as flash (feature rich) as certain rivals, but probably easier to
live with.

All the best, Richard, Worcester, UK.

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