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The url above is for a report called Generations at Risk--How environmental
toxicants affect reproductive health in California.  The following is taken
from the introduction & is included to give you an idea what the report is

         "This report is the result of a collaboration
          between public health professionals,
          environmental organizers, and policy
          advocates. It is designed to raise awareness
          about known and suspected threats from
          reproductive toxicants in our environment and
          to provide a resource to help inform
          citizens, the medical community, advocacy
          groups, policy makers, growers, and industry.
          It is our hope that it will help to bring about
          changes necessary to minimize human
          exposures to potentially harmful substances."

The 160 page report includes info on chemicals that we use everyday.  I
heard the authors on the radio the other day and thought I would check it
out.  Please do not think me "preachy."  It is not my intention to stir up
a big controversy.  My intent is simply to let those who may be interested
in this sort of thing know about the report.  I have only skimmed a few of
the pages, and found them a good reminder of the need to be careful.

Thank you all for your advice & for the great discussions.  If you do check
out the report, please let me know what you think.


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