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Subject: Thanks and Yowch!!
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 18:25:25 -0600
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	A belated thanks to all who responded to my query on IHC
controls, it was very helpful.  I would have e-mailed my gratitude
earlier but I  had to have my appendix out tuesday.
	Like a good histotech I did go to work first  with a stomach ache
and  bravely cut as many blocks as I could, started a run on the immuno
stainer and coverslipped the first batch of slides before one of the
pathologists dragged me off to E.R.
	"Don't forget the D.A.B.!"  I cried, as the E.R. doc pushed
something in my I.V. line that suddenly made the over head light the most
interesting thing I had ever seen....
	It took them a day or so to figure out it was my appendix, so in
the meantime I lived every hospital employee's nightmare...  Being
wheeled through every major corridor in the hospital on the way to get
yet another orifice probed for diagnositic purposes, looking like hell,
(I gave "bad hair day" a whole new meaning), wearing a lovely gown where
at least two of my usually covered  parts were hanging out, and being
recognized by EVERY employee I encountered. (I think some of my histology
work mates paid the volunteer who was wheeling me around to go the long
way so that everyone could get a chance to see me at my finest.)
	Finally I went to surgery and the next thing I knew someone was
waving a reddish swollen vermiform object over my face in recovery.  At
first I thought I died and was reincarnated as a baby robin!  But no, the
recovery room nurse assumed that since I worked in pathology the first
thing I wanted to see on regaining  consciousness was my former appendix.

	Anyway, thanks again for your input on IHC controls, sorry this
is so long but I know some of you can relate!                 Sandosis

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