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Gayle and Histonetters,
Being a woodturner in my other life I use a Dremel tool. I have a speed
controller, made by Dremel that is external to the tool and allows me to
control the speed from 0 to max rpms. If I were using this with one of their
newer cutoff blades rather than the older metal saw blades I might feel
comfortable cutting tibias, but  the thickness of  the blade would cause the
loss of a lot of bone.
John Tarpley

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> Subject: 	Dremel tools for cutting
> The worst thing about a Dremel tool, is that the speed is TOO fast.
> I presents a danger in that you can cut the heck out of yourself, plus
> you need to wear good safety glasses, possibly cutproof gloves.
> If you can stabilize the bone, keep it immobile, then it seems safer, also
> long term cutting creates big time heat!  Hopefully Dremel could address
> the fast speed even on low settings.  Just be very careful, four hands is
> true, the fourth chases the specimen when it jets off across a counter.
> Gayle Callis

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