Foreign Qualifications and American Certification

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From:Joachim Siegmund <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Histonetters,

I'm a histotech (German BTA with histology experience)  living and
working in Hamburg and am wishing to  relocate to the United States,
where my wife, an American, will soon return. We're wondering about the
chances of my finding employment in this field in the States. What I'm
most curious to understand is how my qualifications and experience will
align with those in America. I have worked for 16 years in the histology
laboratory of the research department of a pharmaceutical company. I
mostly handle animal tissue  and we employ all methods of staining.  We
also perform some EM and some morphometry.  My educational preparation
for this work was two years of concentrated study in biology and then I
obtained more specific histology training and skills  on site at the
pharmaceutical company I still work for (as you know, German and
American systems of higher education and job preparation are somewhat
different). I notice in the job announcements that come across this list
that various degrees and certifications are required.  Are these things
for which my German qualifications and experience could be seen as
equivalent or are there some requirements which must be obtained in the
U.S.? (And maybe you could explain just what these certifications are?)
Ultimately, what I'm wanting to know is if I could be considered for
histotech positions in the U.S. with the credentials I now possess or if
further, specifically American, credentialing is required simply to make
application. I appreciate any help or guidance you can offer me. Thanks.


Joachim Siegmund
Hamburg, Germany

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