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From:Rene J Buesa

  You ask about better sections or better retention?
  We used to section brain at more than 5 Ám, specially if there was the idea of silver staining for Alzheimer's; 5 Ám are too thin to visualize the tangles.
  For retention we always stained the slides the next day they were cut. The slides were placed vertical on the smaller side for about 1 hour before being put in the trays, that were left outside the oven during the night. The next day they were placed in the oven at 60║C for 30 minutes before being stained (either routine ot HC).
  RenÚ J.

"Conlon, Paula F."  wrote:
  Hi Histonetters, We are receiving more surgical brain sections than we
have in the past. We process the specimens on the Pathos Automatic
Microwave Histoprocessor and we cut the sections at 5 microns. The
sections sometimes do not stay on the slides even though we use Plus
slides. The Neuropathologist is not happy and she has asked me to find
out if there is some way to get better sections. Thank you in advance
for your help.

Paula Conlon

Histology Supervisor

Lahey Clinic

41 Mall Road

Burlington, MA



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