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From:Kemlo Rogerson

'Milky' nuclear detail could be poor fixation, however it's patchy so that's
odd. It could be water in the final clearing agent, it could be contaminated
mounting medium (maybe water again), it could be carry over of water from
contaminated alcohol to the clearing agent. 

Used to have this and poor resolution that was finally traced to poor
fixation; which oddly can be patchy. Contaminated clearing agent or those
fast drying mounting mediums also can cause poor resolution due to the
scattering of light. Try taking the coverslip off, rehydrate and dehydrate
with fresh alcohols and clearing agent; see if it goes away. If it doesn't
then fresh mounting medium and if that fails, post fix the sections and

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We are seeing some problems with our short-run / small biopsy H&E
stained slides. The nuclear detail varies from good to "milky" and
indistinct. Nuclear detail can be markedly indistinct with variations
occurring from slide to slide and even on the same slide. We are in the
process of troubleshooting but I am hoping someone might recognize this
problem and have some suggestions. Your responses are much appreciated.
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