RE: [Histonet] What are peoples feelings on pre lablingslides?

From:Kemlo Rogerson

That's an interesting response. In my last but one job in London they
matched blocks and slides before sending out; in my last job I ran two Cell
Path Labs on two Sites and one did and the other didn't. What I was also
interested in was the Q/C step as I felt that they only looked at the
staining and cutting, but not that enough levels had been taken (the lesion
was sampled) or that any further work, including ICC, had been undertaken.

I am keen that BMS/ Histotechs push the envelope of their responsibilities
by increasing their training and development.   

Kemlo Rogerson
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Subject: RE: [Histonet] What are peoples feelings on pre lablingslides?

IMHO, ideally, someone is matching blocks and slides before they go out
(part of the QA process).  I know that it doesn't ALWAYS happen, but I think
that regardless of when the slides are labeled, checking them is a prudent
thing to do.

Bonnie Whitaker

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We do not pre-label any of our slides in the lab.  We cut our slides and
then label them as we do each one.  As for frozens, we label the slide as we
cut the frozen- if we do multiple frozens on that block we label each one as
we go.  It has been our policy to do it this way for a long time the
past we had a few techs who decided to do it "their" way instead of
following our procedures and it almost resulted in a case being sent out
mislabeled  (fortunately it ws caught before it left the
lab) which is why we do not allow that practice in our lab.

Vicki Gauch
Albany, NY

>>> "Stephen Peters M.D."  2/3/2006 8:02:01 AM >>>
I am curious to see if it is considered acceptable practice to pre-label
  slides before cutting the blocks and picking the tissues up on these
  slides. We came close to a dangerous misdiagnosis because a tech picked up
   a malignant section from a " part 2 breast biopsy" on a prelabled part 1
slide. Luckily it made no sense that only one of many slides contained tumor
  looked like it was coming from an advanced tumor. After playing match the
   it was obvious that the malignant part one slide matched a part 2 block.
It seems 
  to me that this is a potentially dangerous habit despite the convenience
  assembly line labeling. Early in my career I stopped labeling my frozen
section slides 
  up front and wait until after I pick up the section. When I am cutting
frozens I  make
   variable #s of slides depending on the situation. Working quickly under
   pressure of multiple cases it is not hard to pick up the wrong slide and
   this mistake. I am curious to hear peoples thoughts.

Stephen Peters M.D. 
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