Hardness of tissues RE: [Histonet] processing

From:Gayle Callis

Not an intellectual battle, just a discussion.

I would like to share this message from a lady has vast experience 
working  animal tissues, sent yesterday.  NOT all animal tissues, 
obviously, are going to have less % of fat, but some are worse than others.

>Jerry Fredenburg did a wonderful workshop back in the dark ages about 20 
>yrs ago on the chemistry of processing and staining and talked about bound 
>water. Funny you should mention it because I was discussing this with my 
>student only a few days ago. I'm always meaning to dig out that handout 
>where he explained it so well. They always think I'm making up the term 
>"bound water".
>I think the animals eat healthier and there are less lipids in their 
>tissue. When I get rodents who were given a fatty diet their tissue are 
>not so dried out. Their livers are dripping with Oil Red O when I do that 
>stain on frozens - so much that sometimes coverslipping pushes out the red 
>stained lipids.
At 01:53 AM 2/3/2006, you wrote:
>The hardness caused by processing is presently an intellectual battle
>between myself and Gayle (covert to this List).
>I'm presently in think mode on this.
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