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RebeNoel@aol.com wrote:
        I have been a recruiter for over 10 years and this has been my experience….
  ) What can a recruiter do for me that I can't do for myself? 
  A recruiter can do a couple of things-
  Recruiter spends years building relationships with clients built on trust and creditability. The client that a particular recruiter has a strong relationship with feels that when he/she calls them about a potential candidate, that the candidate is not only has the skills and experience but will also be a good fit in terms of soft skills/personality.  I have clients that I know very well and I know what type of person will be successful in their environment. 
  Second- Often when a client posts an open position on their hospital website or a job board the client literally will get hundreds of resumes.  Really qualified people can often get overlooked only because their resume is in a stack of 200 other resumes.  A successful recruiter will often have a contact person at the facility who they can call and discuss your background in detail.  This gives the candidate a great advantage.
  2) Why do recruiters want me to give them my SSN? 
  SSN should only be given if you are going to do contract work or a background check is required for a certain position you are applying for… I myself do not require anyone to give me their SSN number unless it is absolutely necessary.
3) Why do they ask me if I applied elsewhere and if I am in contact with
  other recruiters? 
  Recruiters ask you where you have applied because if a client receives your resume through a hospital web site or job board the recruiter no long has the right to collect a fee for the position you applied for, even if the client did not initially call you.. it make no difference. If they had your resume in a filing cabinet you still are considered a candidate that has already been submitted. 
  Another reason is that it gives a recruiter an idea of what types of positions are appealing to you.
  And finally some shady recruiters use this technique to find out who is hiring so they can call and try and get the job order. 
4) If I apply for a job through a hospital web site vs. a recruiter will my
starting pay be different due to recruiter cost?
  Starting pay could be effected because if a recruiter has been working with a particular client for a while the recruiter knows what that hospital typically pays.  An example would be if ABC hospital typically pays Histotech 40K and you put on your application that 35K is what you are looking to make there is a good chance 35K is what you would be paid.  A recruiter knowing the history of salaries for that hospital would negotiate of 40K salary.
  Rebecca Noel
  Executive Match Personnel

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