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There is a superb publication "A report from the National Society for 
Histotechnology Productiviey Task Force", LaFreiniere M, Sheppard B and 
Carson F.  27(4):293-295 J Histotechnology Dec 2004.  It will answer a lot 
of your questions, including times to section blocks etc.

If you have an NSH member or are a member yourself, you will have journal 
in hand.  If not, you can obtain an electronic copy from NSH, just email 
them at and request this special report by title, issue.

  At 09:36 PM 2/3/2005, you wrote:
>I think this question may have been addressed previously, but could I get 
>a general idea from HIsto Tech's that process, embed and section a general 
>mix of specimens (hospital surgicals, skins, gi's, etc.) of what volumes 
>an individual tech would be expected to complete in one hour?
>For instance:  How many blocks could one tech be reasonably expected to 
>embed in one hour?  How many blocks would one expect to section in one hour?
>I understand that everyone is different in the way they perform certain 
>functions, but a general average of what would be expected would be 
>Jerry Wilson
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