RE: [Histonet] endogenous peroxidases in liver sections

From:"Favara, Cynthia (NIH/NIAID)"

I work on a lot of mouse and have found the best thing is if you can insist
on perfusion. Does not necessarily get rid of everything but makes
background problems less troublesome. I usually us a 3% peroxide in buffer
of choice or methanol. I do avoid BSA as a blocking agent as I find it is
more problematic than helpful. I will frequently use no blocking and have
found this to be just fine. If you are not using mouse on mouse a mouse
adsorbed secondary is also helpful. 

No pearls or great wisdom but hopefully helpful!


Cynthia Favara
903 South 4th Street
Hamilton, MT 59840

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Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 3:36 PM
Subject: [Histonet] endogenous peroxidases in liver sections

Has anyone got any good method for blocking endogenous peroxidases in mouse 
liver sections? We seem to have a lot of red and white blood cells and 
plasma coming up in our negatives. We are using a Zymed MAX kit and SP kit 
(mouse on mouse and universal kits). Some pearls of wisdom will be very 
much appreciated.

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