[Histonet] vWf in rat kidneys - the answer


Hello Histonetters

vWf staining in kidneys is not a mystery anymore ! 
Adapting my protocol to the procedure I found in the report mentioned 
below , I got wonderful strong staining even in the glomeruli ! 
Pepsin was the trick ...(Proteinase K didn't help)
So now we run  two completely different protocols one for kidneys and one 
for lungs.

1: Kidney Int.  2000 Dec;58(6):2599-610. 

The vasculopathy of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: insights 
animal models.

Arnaout MA.

Best regards,

Antje Marcantonio
Novartis Pharma AG
BU Transplantation Research
Basel, Switzerland

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