[Histonet] Mast cell staining

From:"Cheryl Crowder"

We do toluidine blue staining regularly.  We have found that the biggest 
cause for poor staining is the pH of the solution.  It should be about 
2.5.  Our solution is simple:  Toluidine blue, 0.5 gm; 20% alcohol, 100 
ml.  Place slides in T blue solution - 2 min.  Rinse in water.  
Differentiate in 2 changes each 95% alcohol and absolute alcohol - 1 min 
each.  Air dry slides.  Coverslip.  It is important to air dry the 
slides as the alcohol left on the slides can continue differentiation.
Results:  Mast cells: blue with magenta granules.  
Hope this helps.  Cheryl

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