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Dear histonetters,

We are going to have  a  study that check angiogenesis after drug treatment. 
I have three questions: a, what tissue we should look at, is eye a good one? 
b, how to fix this tissue? c, what stain, or what antibody, we should use?

Any advice is highly appreciated.

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Dear Wendy,
       For about ten years I worked in a lab which studied angiogenesis.
The eye (rabbit and mouse) was used with an assay whereby a pellet
(usually containing FGF or VEGF) was implanted in the cornea. Otherwise,
as part of a study on tumor/tissue effects, vessel counts were done on 
sections stained with CD31 or CD34. In the past when von Willebrand
factor antibody was used, Carnoy's was the best fixative although CD31
antibody will not work on Carnoy's-fixed tissue. Tumors which decreased
in volume as a result of anti-angiogenic agents had the same proliferation
index as control tumors (counts done sections stained with PCNA or other proliferation antibodies), but a slightly higher index of apoptosis (TUNEL assay), which over time resulted in a smaller tumor volume.  

Hope this helps,

Evelyn Flynn
Children's Hospital
Boston, MA 02115

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