[Histonet] pregnancy in lab

From:"Sylvia Poulos"

My comment is not specific to pregnancy and lab work but the lab
environment in general.  I once worked in a building where several
individuals in one lab were continuously ill with anything from chronic
fatigue to renal and liver failure.  The employer stripped the lab, put
in new tiles, new lab benches, cleaned and repainted the walls, etc,to
no avail.  In the end, the problem ended up being airflow in the
building and "things" were entering the lab via the air ducts.  My
point?  Although you do everything in your power to stay safe in the
lab, you don't know what others in the area are doing (knowingly or
unknowingly) and how that will affect you.  

Sylvia P. Poulos
USDA-ARS-Animal Physiology Research Unit
Athens, GA 30605
706-542-0399 (fax)

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