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From:"Garrison, Becky"

Question about TAT statistics and how they are compiled.  
To meet the CAP guidelines of a 2 working day TAT for routine surgical path 
specimens, do other  LIS systems have a program which 
	eliminates those cases with special stains, IHC's, decals, levels,
	prolonged fixation, etc.and report a TAT of routine cases that are
signed out 
            based on original H&E only?        or 

	are all cases included and notations made of numbers of cases that
may cause a 
	variance from the 2 working day TAT?

I am interested to know how other departments pull data for TAT statistics.
We currently 
separate biopsies from non-biopsies and run TAT's for each.  However, add on
are included in and affect the final TAT.  Also weekends are included in the
final numbers.

Our LIS is HBOC and has been in use  9+ ish years.  The TAT table is from
the clinical module and 
makes no allowances for add on procedures.
Are there HBO users out there that can share how they generate Anatomic TAT
Any other LIS users that can share how the data is pulled?
Thanks in advance for any and all input. 

Becky Garrison
Pathology Suprevisor
Shands Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL  32209


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