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From:"George Cole"

Histotechs who have received the muscle and nerve packet.
Several of you histotechs out there that have asked for the muscle and
nerve packets have talked about showing the videos to others. After all
the practicing it took to make a video for a new comer like me to
computers, I was glad to get the video together.  But after a bit of
working with the discs, I noticed several shots were not as clear and
darker in the video than in the digital tape that was fed to the
computer to make the video. It turns out there is quite a compromise in
quality getting motion pictures from tape  to discs.  And any
enlargement of the video pictures is wavy and not of the same clarity
and brightness as a smaller version of the scene. So, I have come to see
that sharing the video with any kind of audience will not be very good
to look at. I wish to offer to any of you that have received a video, if
you wish to use it for showing to any kind of group that requires
enlarged projection onto a screen I will be glad to send you a VHS or
digital 8 tape of the video much better suited to showing on a larger
screen for more than one person at a time. This will also be without
charge.  Let me know what form you can use.
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