Subject line reminder

From:Greg Dobbin

Please, please, please use the subject line when sending e-mails 
to this list. If you are under the impression everyone reads 
everything that comes across their screen then you are mistaken.

I (and many like me, I imagine) read only those posts that either I 
might be interested in, or that I might be able to help with; 
everything else is deleted - sight unseen. 

So subject lines that say "Hi there!", or "Question", or 
Re: Daily Digest", or "(None)" or [even worse because the problem 
is being proliferated] "Re: (None)", are counter-productive when 
trying to quickly check the myriad of e-mails that cross one's desk 
in the run of a day.

That's my Monday morning rant out of the way! Sorry to kick off the 
week this way, but maybe Mondays are the best day to get things 
straightened away before the week gets too hairy. Have a good 
one! (in spite of my rant).
Greg Dobbin
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Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Canada,  C1A 4P3
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"A farmer is a person outstanding in their field."

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