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From:"LUCAS Robert (RF4) BHR Hospitals"

I used a Leica coverslipper in my previous post. We used pertex as the
mountant and had to leave the slides for three days before we could do the
slide filing without them sticking together. The slide labels were printed
with the date on to enable us to do this.

Rob Lucas
Chief BMS
King George Hospital
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> Subject:	glass coverslipping
> Does anyone out in Histoland have a great set up for drying surgical
> slides
> with glass coverslips.  We are contemplating the change of tape to the
> glass
> coverslip, but how long do you dry the slides before filing in the metal
> slide cabinets and are there any systems to keep things very organized.
> We
> are a very busy hospital with approx. 600 slides per day, and lots of
> requests to have these slides reviewed by other agencies.  I would
> appreciate any advice you have.  Thanks,
> Cheryl Clarke
> Team Leader Histology
> Royal Columbian Hospital
> New Westminster, B.C.
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