Re: ? about control blocks/ slides


It is not a bad idea to seal your paraffin blocks, however this is not a
rule of thumb. The control slide themselves can be placed in a slide box
after drying. I usually stain the first and last slide to make sure I have
something positve there. Staining the first slide and last slide is also
good for inspection,whether it is CAP or GLP.

Mari Ann Mailhiot BA HT
Application Specialist
Technical Assitance Center
Leica Microsystems
800 248 0123 on 02/28/2002 06:20:43 PM


Subject:  ? about control blocks/ slides

Dear Histo friends:
Is there a proper way I should store my control blocks and any control
that I cut ahead of time? Also should I dip the block into the paraffin to
reseal the blocks?
Thank you ahead of time for your answer's.
Sandi Miller HT

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