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From:Young Kwun

Hi there,

We normally store control blocks and paraffin sections at room temperature
and haven't encountered any problems so far. However, there are some reports
suggesting that storage of paraffin sects alters their immunoreactivity. One
recent report from the journal "Applied Immunohistochemistry and Molecular
Morphology 8(1):61-70,2000 by Kenneth Wester et al." suggests that storage
of paraffin sections leads to a verying degree of decreased immunoreactivity
(the extent and the intensity) for several antibodies such as p53, MIB1.
They also recommended that use of freshly cut control sections in routine
diagnostics or alternatively, storing control sections at 20 below zero
centigrade. I personally do not follow their suggestions, but I also would
like to know whether has anyone encountered any such noticable differences
in immunoreactivity in other antibodies.

Young Kwun, PhD
Senior Hospital Scientist
Dept. of Anatomical Pathology
Concord Hospital
Concord NSW 2139 Australia

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> Dear Histo friends:
> Is there a proper way I should store my control blocks and any
> control slides
> that I cut ahead of time? Also should I dip the block into the
> paraffin to
> reseal the blocks?
> Thank you ahead of time for your answer's.
> Sandi Miller HT
> USAMRICD Research
> MD

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